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  • What's Your Beach Vibe?

    Ever wondered which Delaware beach you should visit? Well we've broken down each location by what it has to offer and who it most caters to. See which one most suites your personality and vacation goals!


    If the above terms relate to you at all, then Dewey is the Beach for you! Known for its "rock and roll soul," the young (and young-at-heart) can party until day break. Rock-n-roll bands perform on the beach while you enjoy beach volleyball and jet ski excursions. Every watersport imaginable and dolphin watching means that there is plenty to do while on vacation. The nightlife is strong with this one, as nightclubs, grilles and live music take over after dusk. 


    If you want to be amidst the lively atmosphere of beach life but don't particularly care for the big party scene of Dewey Beach, then Rehoboth is a happy compromise. It's been ranked one of the top Delaware beaches with a charming boardwalk boasting of ice cream, Thrashers fries and Dolle's saltwater taffy. Boutiques and restaurants are scattered down the main drag providing days on end of shopping and dining options. The Tanger Outlets are all within a few minutes drive of the beach and offer incredible shopping at all of your favorite stores. (Tax free of course!)


    You're surrounded by crowds and noise on a daily basis. So why have to contend with all of that chaos on vacation? You want to be in Bethany Beach - away from all of the summertime madness! Bethany is one of the smaller Delaware beaches and provides a quiet escape on the east coast. (A few celebrities have even been spotted vacationing in anonymity.) There are numerous restaurants to enjoy and little shops to peruse. This is definitely a slow-down kind of environment perfect to clear your mind or have a close knit family vacation!


    Wanna see a building that has a cannonball lodged in its side from the British invasion of 1813? Then Lewes is the destination for you. Enjoy brick-laid streets with high-end boutiques, hip and charming restaurants, as well as gorgeous views of the Delaware bay. Slip away from the beach area and enjoy the Lewes canal with tennis courts, a public park and restaurants all lining the serene spot. Family friendly and an extremely warm and friendly environment make this beach a favorite for many locals!


    Once again, avoid the crowded and more popular beaches by walking the "beach less traveled!" Close to Ocean City, MD, this beach entertains a different group of vacationers. The town of Fenwick is incredibly kid-friendly with putt-putt golf, go-carts, amusement and water parks. The traditional methods of beach relaxing exist as well with sunbathing, windsurfing, fishing and more! The Fenwick State Park also offers a lot of recreational activities for outdoor lovers.


    Avoid being in town all together and enjoy the Cape Henlopen State Park. Pay a flat fee per each vehicle and then ride bikes, fish from the pier, ride in canoes and walk stunning park trails. Little pockets of private beach areas make for an intimate time of relaxation with your family all surrounded by tall trees and the prevailing sound of nature.

    Whichever beach you choose, you can't really go wrong when planning a Delaware vacation. And who says you have to stick to one? Visit a new beach every day if you would like. And if you start to get the feeling that you might want to make your vacation a little more permanent then we wouldn't blame you a bit. Call the Don Williams Group to chat about making one of our Delaware beaches your retirement home, vacation home or steady address! We would be happy to help make your realty dreams a reality.

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